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To find out if your employer matches gifts to Sacramento State, visit Daisy Galvan (right) with former supervisor and current mentor, Alicia Pina at the Intel Folsom campus. Student credits supporters for helping her succeed If there's such a person as a stereotypical engineer, it isn't Daisy Galvan. She takes belly dance lessons, plays Australian rules football and she didn't know she wanted to be an engineer until she was three-quarters of the way through a communication studies degree. What she does have in common with many of her fellow engineers is a head start from Intel. Galvan parlayed an internship at Intel into a summer job that she says was key to allowing her to continue her pursuit of a degree in electronic engineering. But even the internship didn't come about through traditional means. "I heard my belly dance instructor say she worked in programming. So I got up the courage to approach her and ask for advice," says Galvan. The instructor, Alicia Pina, became Galvan's supervisor in implementing a new software program. Shortly thereafter, Galvan was managing three developers and tasked with keeping the project moving to meet a crucial timeline. Now that the project has been completed Pina is Galvan's mentor. "I feel so grateful to have Alicia," Galvan says. "She saw so much in me. When I was having hesitations about engineering and didn't know if I could do it, I reminded myself that she wouldn't give me these responsibilities if she didn't think I could handle it." Galvan followed her Intel experience with a bioengineering fellowship at the University of Utah. Her eventual goal is to become a university professor. Throughout her college career Galvan has been quick to spot opportunities and take advantage of offers of assistance, including an Alumni Association scholarship. She credits the McNair Scholars Program for sparking her interest in engineering and the MESA Engineering Program (MEP) for giving her a support system. "It's been really comforting to be part of programs like MEP and McNair. There were so many times when I would doubt my ability. I would get lost and my family isn't really able to help and even my friends, none of them grew up first-generation American, none of them grew up in a low-income family, so it's hard," Galvan says. "But when you are part of a program that really supports you, when you are part of a community, I can't imagine not finishing my engineering degree. "I remind myself that even if I don't do this for me, I'm doing this for everyone who's supporting me." Intel's Sac State connection In addition to providing internship opportunities to Sac State students, Intel's Folsom campus also employs more than 600 Hornet alumni. In October, close to 90 Sac State alumni joined President Gonzalez and representatives from the College of Engineering and Computer Science and the College of Business Administration for Sac State Day @ Intel on the Intel Folsom campus. Along with lunch, prizes and networking opportunities, the alumni were given an update on campus happenings. Photos from the event are available at Intel is also a frequent donor to the University, providing both monetary and in-kind support to several programs in the College of Engineering and Computer Science including the MESA Engineering Program (MEP). And it is part of the University's Matching Gift Program, providing a 1:1 match of employee gifts to Sac State. Fall 2013 7

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